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AP Chemicals is corporation specialized in trading and distribution in petroleum products, chemicals, dry cargo worldwide. Based in Antwerp (Belgium) and Berchem (Antwerp) with representatives worldwide in China, India, United States, Taiwan, U.A.E and Indonesia, we enjoy a large network of partnerships with different global players.

As a client based company our key assets are a trustworthy rapport with producers as well as consumer customers, our on time deliveries and fair prices. We take pride in our excellent service and expertise.

AP Chemicals is listed as a highly acclaimed international trader and establishes itself as a reputable player in the international trading business.

About us
AP Chemicals

Founded in 1989, AP Chemicals continuously develops its portfolio across a range of energy and chemical products. We thrive to support and enhance our partnerships with major refineries, producers, mining companies and end-users. Global trading is our core business.

The key to our success consists of building bridges between East and West and providing a high level of services: quality, efficiency, performance, chartering, processing and financing.

With different representatives around the world, we can easily connect low-cost producing regions with high-demand markets, resulting in suitable prices. Our local partnerships not only prove of specialized knowledge within each region, also market efficiency and a broad coverage of products result from this.

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